Learning Through Play

Learning through play

Learning Through Play

There is more to playtime than just enjoyment. Playing helps children improve their cognitive skills, develop social skills and emotional maturity, and the confidence to take on new challenges and interact with a variety of environments. Countless studies have shown that playtime can help children develop their imagination and foster creativity, improve their hand-eye coordination, and learn problem-solving skills.

How To Support Playtime Learning

With all the educational benefits of playtime, it’s important that you help create the conditions for your children to benefit from playtime. Here are some tips on how to support playtime learning:

  • Create a safe environment where your children feel free to express themselves
  • Offer a wide variety of materials and experiences so your children can explore
  • Encourage playtime as part of the daily routine
  • Plan activities that use playtime as a way to teach and focus on developing skills
  • Don’t be afraid to join your children during playtime

How To Pick Toys For Educational Playtime

Providing your children the right materials to foster playtime learning is crucial. There are a variety of educational toys on the market, so it can be difficult to decide what is right for your child’s unique development. No matter what you are looking for, here is a simple guide to helping you find the right educational toy:

  1. Stimulate The Senses: Toys that are bright colours, have interesting textures, or make sounds. For babies and toddlers this is especially important.
  2. Foster Imagination: Toys that require imaginative play are often the most simple. Studies have shown that basic wooden toys stimulate creative thinking more than electronic devices.
  3. Encourages Expression: Toys that allow children to explore and express their unique view of the world are great for learning. Art supplies are often the best for encouraging expression.
  4. Can Be Played With Others: Playtime is not just about developing cognitive skills but to develop social skills with others. Look for toys that can be played both alone and with others.

Playtime learning is essential to early childhood education. By fostering a healthy sense of play and giving them the right tools, your can support healthy learning and development.

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