Turn off the TV – Get Out And Play!

Turn off the TV – Get Out And Play!

If you remember playing outside when you were a kid, you probably remember having some great adventures. Don’t you wish that your kids could do the same and have more outdoor play? Truth is, they can. You just have to know how to get them to unplug, get outside, and play. Yes, it’s is easier said than done, but it isn’t impossible.

Multiple Benefits Of Outdoor Play

There are multiple benefits of going outdoors to play, such as:

  • Expanding the imagination
  • Promoting creativity
  • Increasing problem solving skills
  • Improving motor skills such as balance and coordination
  • Fostering cognitive and emotional development
  • Having good old-fashioned fun

Outdoor play is fun, free, and a fantastic way to engage with friends. It’s a way to be free from the organisation of sports, the fine-tuning of music lessons, and the intensity of schoolwork.

Encourage adventure

If you’re looking for ways to get your child outside to play, make it a point to encourage them by:

  • Stepping away slowly. Give your kids the space to explore the outdoors without being over their shoulder constantly. You want to monitor without meddling, watching from the sidelines and stepping in only when needed. This will foster autonomy and build confidence that leads to making better choices.
  • Letting them engage. Stop worrying about the grass stains on their t-shirts – let them roll down that hill. Forget about the mud on their shoes – let them take the path less travelled. If they want to puddle-jump, let them! Their pants will eventually dry.
  • Forgetting about schedules. Stop scheduling what should be played and just let them be. Let them create their own games, rules, and limits. Let them build forts with branches and rocks, or make mud pies. If you limit what they can do with their play, it will become much less appealing.
  • Give them some GARDENING TOOLS, and let them experiment in the garden. Or, if you don’t have a garden take your kids to the nearest park or beach!

The world has changed a great deal over the years. However, one reliable way of getting out of the rut of everyday routine and life, is stepping outdoors and into nature.