Colour Is Important For Children’s Learning

Colour Is Important For Children’s Learning

Colour Is Important For Children’s Learning

There’s a reason why nurseries, toys, and learning tools are always decorated brightly. Colour has a major impact on the way children learn and engage with their environment. Colour is one of the first attributes a baby can notice and colour recognition is an essential learning skill.

The Impact Of Colour On Development

Colour has a huge impact on a child’s development. It has a psychological impact on mood, productivity, and behaviour. Bright spaces and toys are very stimulating and can help encourage engagement and creative thinking. Studies have shown different colours impact children in unique ways:

  • Red helps encourage excitement and activity
  • Orange helps support critical thinking and memory
  • Yellow stimulates intelligence and fosters learning
  • Green supports a sense of calm and relaxation
  • Blue enhances creativity and imagination
  • Purple inspires compassion and sensitivity

How Colour Can Encourage Learning

Colour recognition is a critical learning skill that can help them develop knowledge and understanding. It can help improve math skills by teaching categorisation and comparison. Colour can help foster communication skills as a descriptive language tool. It also supports reading comprehension because distinguishing different letters and numbers, uses the same skills as colour recognition.

Teaching Your Children Colours

With all the learning benefits of colour, it’s important that one of the first skills you foster is colour recognition. Children develop reception skills before expressive language, so the best way to start teaching your children colours is to ask them to point out specific colours. COLOURFUL BLOCKS can be a very useful toy in teaching your child to distinguish colours. Start by simply spreading the blocks on the floor and show them which is red, blue, and yellow. Once you feel confident they understand, ask them to grab each colour block until they are familiar with them all. Keep practising.

Colour is essential to a child’s development. So when choosing nursery decorations and toys, keep in mind how colour can support your child’s learning. Toyopia sell a wide range of colourful WOODEN TOYS.