Promoting Your Child’s Cognitive Development

cognitive development

Promoting Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Everyone knows what development means, but what do you know about cognitive development? Cognitive development has to do with how your child learns from, and interacts with, their environment. Cultivating cognitive abilities can help your child develop a better memory, have a sharper attention span, and lead to more perceptive skills.

Ways To Cultivate Thoughts

As a parent, you want to give your child every opportunity to be successful. By incorporating a few simple things into their daily or weekly routine, you can help them build the cognitive skills that they need to improve their future.

Sensational Singing – Have a sing-along with anything from the Wiggles to Keith Urban; whatever your child really enjoys that will get them singing. It’s easier to remember phrases when they are set to music, and learning lyrics will help them identify words better.

Loving Letters – The ABC song is popular, but encourage the recitation and identification of the letters in other ways. Point out household items and ask what letter they begin with. And make use of puzzles, books, or cut-out letters to help them identify the look of an “L” as opposed to just a sound.

Taking Trips – You don’t need to rush off on Holiday, but simply going to a museum or a library can expand your child’s mind by providing new surroundings to explore. While there, talk about what you see; ask questions and really listen to the answers you receive.

Seeing Shapes And Colours – There are many shapes and colours in the world, so why not explore them? Identification is a great way to learn. Take turns pointing out the red rectangle brick, the orange triangular traffic cone, or the round bouncing green ball.

Remember, talking with your little ones is the best way to get them thinking, and thinking is the best way to boost the brain at any age. Check out our fantastic range of EDUCATIONAL TOYS.